Green Bathroom Renovations

by Southwest Plumbing on July 12, 2011

Miami Green Bathroom Renovation

Many people are choosing to do a green bathroom renovation. They care about the environment and they want to save money long term. They also have a bathroom in need of remodeling. Recent growth in the green building movement means there are now many excellent products to choose from as well as many contractors trained in green building practices.

One advantage of doing a green bathroom renovation is that it results in lower utility bills due to a reduction in energy and water use. Using natural lighting when possible saves on electrical costs. Installing fixtures that use water more efficiently as well as installing low flush toilets reduces monthly water bills. Having low flush toilets installed in your home can save the average family of four 22,000 gallons of water per year. Using low flow faucets and shower heads that utilize aeration will save even more water.

In addition to conserving water, it is important to heat the water in an efficient manner. An old water heater does not heat water efficiently, driving your energy bill higher and higher as it ages. Installing a new water heater is a great way to cut down on energy costs. Tankless water heaters can save you even more money because they only heat the water when it is needed.

When doing a green bathroom renovation it is important to select green building materials. Choose materials that are natural and contain recycled materials. Ceramic tile is an example of a green building material. Ceramic tile may contain recycled materials and requires little maintenance. Ceramic tiles also have a low toxilogical impact.

Reusing items can help the environment by reducing landfill usage. Some estimate that 20% or more of landfill usage comes from construction debris. Consider having your bathtub or sink refinished. Donate used cabinets, sinks, light fixtures, and vanities to organizations like Habitat for Humanity to keep construction trash to a minimum. You may have just what someone is looking for when doing their own project.

Starting a green bathroom renovation is a great way to help the environment, lower your utility bills and get that new bathroom you’ve been wanting. Bathroom renovations may also increase your home’s value. There are many excellent green products to choose from. You should always utilize a licensed contractor that specializes in green remodeling projects. Bathroom remodels are complicated construction projects that should be left to the professionals. It is better to have a professional do the job right the first time and only have to pay for it once. Many people have attempted a remodel themselves and ended up paying for it twice because they didn’t have the skill necessary to complete the job.

Benefits of A Automatic Toilet In Your Home

by Southwest Plumbing on July 5, 2011

Miami Bathroom Remodeling

The pristine sound of an automatic toilet flushing is one frequently associated with public restrooms. Unless you happen to live in a publicly owned facility, it probably hasn’t crossed your mind to install one of these fixtures in your private bathroom. After all, why would you? The expense seems needless; your bathroom is already complete without one.

Actually, the benefits to installing an automatic flush toilet in your personal living space are numerous. If you have small children or an elderly relative living with you, these toilets will make using the bathroom much easier on both you and them. Since arthritic fingers have a difficult time grasping and pushing the small handle that appears on old-fashioned toilets, an automatic toilet will make your loved one’s daily deeds less embarrassing, and foster a healthy sense of self-sufficiency in them. For those with young children who frequently forget to flush in the excitement of using the ‘grown-up’ bathroom, an automatic fixture prevents you from unpleasant surprises later in the day. Because these fixtures lack handles, they also prevent germs from accruing in what is considered one of the dirtiest places in the house. By completely removing that element of the bathroom, you can protect the most vulnerable members of your household from becoming violently ill from accumulated bacteria.

Automatic flush toilets are also the ‘green’ choice among bathroom fixtures. While special shower heads can strategically reduce the amount of water you use, reports of decreased water pressure mar the allure of that bathroom addition. An automatic toilet, on the other hand, uses significantly less water with no noticeable difference. After all, these fixtures are almost invariably used in public restrooms; instead of making double-edged comments about your frugality, your guests will marvel over the modernity of your bathroom! Moreover, by choosing to turn to go automatic, you will significantly reduce your electric bill and, along the way, your carbon footprint.

Your professional plumber can easily install your automatic toilet over the area your previous fixture was located. Even though it seems like an easy operation—and is to the trained professional—be sure to consult your local plumbing service before deciding to try installing your new toilet yourself. Even a small mistake in a bathroom can accidentally impact the plumbing design of your home, leading to thousands of dollars in repair fees. Installing an automatic flush toilet over your manual toilet is a fairly straightforward procedure that can be incorporated into a remodeling project or completely separate by a professional.

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