Slab Leaks

Slab Leak Repair experts in Miami

There are two main types of slab leaks. They are sewer and waterline slab leaks. Waterline slab leaks are generally easier and cheaper to repair, but if not taken care of quickly can cause the most damage. The signs that you have a waterline leak are things such as having a high water bill, hearing running water with no water turned on, hot spots on the floor, having wet carpet or wet baseboards. Another symptom that can indicate sewer slab leaks or home waterline leaks are wet planters near the house and a higher water bill.

Why it is Important to get fixed

If you have a slab leak it is extremely important to have it repaired as soon as possible. Slab leaks can cause damage to your home’s foundation over time. It can cause structural damage if you have a waterline break within your home’s infrastructure. It can also cause a large increase in water bills due to the fact that water will continuously spill out from the leak in the slab.

How the repair process works

There are a few different types of slab repair. Pipe re-routing is currently one of the most prominent forms of slab leak solutions basically this means a new waterline is run through the infrastructure of your home and is used instead of the old leaky waterline. The second common form of repair is the direct access method. Basically this means that a hole is made above the slab leak, usually with a jackhammer or other construction tool, and then the piping is replaced. This method is most commonly used when the leak is located outside the home. Epoxy lining is form of repair that occurs by having the pipes cleaned and then coated with epoxy. This causes a seal that stops leaking and as an added benefit usually prevents further leaks because all of the interconnected pipes are coated with the epoxy as well.

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