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Toilet Installation & Repair Service in Miami

No one wants to return home from a game or watching their children in a school play only to find the toilet of the main bathroom has leaked water all over the floor. While those with experience can replace the toilet with a new one, there are many aspects of doing so that makes replacing a toilet more difficult that it seems.

It is not job for the amateur and trying to save money by replacing the toilet fixture yourself may cost you if the job isn’t done correctly. Then, not only are you out time and effort, but also the money you put into the toilet, tools and more. Instead, contact reliable plumbers who do this for a living.

For those in the Miami area, contact Southwest Plumbing, which has been in business since 1982. Our plumbers are experienced and know how to install a toilet quickly and efficiently. Southwest Plumbing plumbers are trained technicians who assess the problem and can tell you whether a toilet can be repaired or requires replacing.

While you may think all toilets are alike they aren’t. There are toilets that are two pieces, the tank and the bowl. Other toilets are one piece. Some are wall mounted, most are mounted on the floor. The toilet needs to be sealed, not just set over a hole and screwed on. The flushing mechanism may also differ as does the height of toilets.

Those with certain limitations may prefer a toilet that is higher off the floor to facilitate getting up and down. Families with children, especially several young children, may prefer a lower than normal toilet bowl. Our technicians Southwest Plumbing ask questions that steer customers to the type of toilet fixture that works best for them. We offer toilets in a variety of styles and colors to suit not only your family’s needs, but also the bathroom decor.

Bidets are a great addition to any bathroom. As a rule of thumb, the more sanitary the better! One of the major benefits of a bidet is how it helps to reduce the amount of paper waste in the home, making your bathroom that much greener. Our technicians can repair and replace any bidets currently in your home, as well as create a space and install a new one from scratch. We have plenty of styles to choose from or we can use one you already had in mind.

The customer is our primary focus. We strive to schedule appointments for the convenience of the customer, be on time, do a high quality installation and clean up any mess made during that installation. All our plumbers are respectful of both customers and property.

At Southwest Plumbing, we offer good service for a fair rate that brings customers back time and again. Our customer-friendly and competitively priced quality service are positive reasons to contact Southwest Plumbing for a toilet repair or installation.

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